Band Lineup


Pet Rock

Friday, October 27 | 9pm

"Cruising straight out of the 70s like an old friend comes Pet Rock - the pinnacle of 70s musical excellence. Pet Rock combines some of the most experienced, dedicated and accomplished musical talent the Midwest has to offer to create THE most authentic 70s experience in the nation. Driven by a deep and everlasting love of the iconic and timeless music of the 70s and a (dare we say, fanatical?) dedication to delivering the most uncompromising, loving, and downright accurate 70s tribute experience possible, Pet Rock washes audiences with the cool grooves, smooth moves and timeless tunes of one of the greatest decades of music the world has ever known... Minus the Disco."


Hi-Fi Hangover

Friday, December 31 | 9pm

"Hi-Fi Hangover exploded onto the scene in mid-2010 and have shaken the Omaha music scene to its foundation ever since. Renowned for insane guitar, thunderous percussion, pile driving bass riffs, off the hook vocals and a live show that is second to none, it is small wonder that they have rocketed to the top of the Omaha party scene in record time."